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Jarbas Andrade Machioni
Jarbas Andrade Machioni


Jarbas Andrade Machioni, partner, specialized in institutional issues and the legal aspects of company crisis management related to corporate, market and tax issues.
A pioneer in developing strategic analysis in advocacy, as well as being specialized
in contracts and the legal organization of companies.

He began his legal studies in Rio de Janeiro, at the Rio de Janeiro State University Law School, and graduated from Faculdades Metropolitanas Unidas (FMU) in São Paulo. Mr. Machioni specialized in company law at Universidade Mackenzie and studied Philosophy of Law at the University of São Paulo (USP). He has lectured at FMU (commercial law lecturer and at Centro de Estudos Avançados), at the Experimental Office of the São Paulo state Bar Association (OAB/SP) (lecturer-orienteer), at Universidade Braz Cubas (administrative and commercial law) and at OAB/SP’s Escola Superior de Advocacia (commercial law). With a strong presence in corporate, civil and governmental entities, Jarbas Machioni acts as:

• Councillor of the São Paulo state section of the Brazilian Bar Association;
• President of the Institutional affairs Commission of the OAB/SP;
• Relator, appointed by the São Paulo state government, of the state arbitration project (Projeto SP Arbitral), where he is also executive vice president of the consultative committee, and
• Relator of the Committee for the Updating and Registration of Mercantile Uses and Customs of the São Paulo State Trade Board.

Jarbas Machioni is the author of:

Sociedades Limitadas Empresárias e Simples (Business and Common Limited Companies) in Aspectos Jurídicos das Sociedades Limitadas (Legal Aspects of Limited Companies), organized by Marcus Elidius Michelli de Almeida, published by Quartier Latin, 2004.

Novos Fundamentos do Direito Empresarial (New Principles of Business Law) in Direito Empresarial Contemporâneo (Contemporary Business Law), organized by Adalberto Simão Filho e Newton de Lucca, published by Juarez de Oliveira, 2nd edition, 2005.

Columnist of the legal e-newspaper “Última Instância”
(, he has published articles in newspapers such as
Folha de São Paulo, O Globo and Valor Econômico, and in the e-magazine
“Consultor Jurídico” (